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Forterra is a Pacific Northwest leader for regional sustainability, having conserved 250,000 acres and improved the quality of life for people in over 90 communities. Drive Zero and its customers are proud to partner with Forterra to develop these important projects in our own back yard. So close, you can literally go hug your tree!

Active Projects

Bradley Lake Park, Puyallup – Bradley Lake Park is a green oasis in the midst of a big box store retail area.  Located in the South Hill neighborhood of Puyallup, the park accounts for 28 acres out of 354 acres that the Green Puyallup Partnership and Forterra has goals to restore by 2035.  Planting efforts will improve shade and habitat, filter stormwater pollutants before they enter the Clark’s Creek watershed, and help fight climate change.  Restoration work began in 2016 at Bradley Lake with the help of Forterra, Pierce College and an Eagle Scout project.  More than two acres of invasive Himalayan blackberry have been cleared, and the city recently brought in goats to clear another two acres. In addition to restoring the understory of the forest, this planting will improve environmental health and livability of Puyallup.

Planting Goal: 200 Trees


Recently Completed Projects

Denny Creek MacDonald Memorial Preserve, Kirkland – The six-acre Denny Creek MacDonald Memorial Preserve (DCMMP) is a valuable green space in the midst of suburban development.  In 2018, 50 trees were planted at Denny Creek with the help of volunteers from Sub Pop Records and GLY Construction. These trees will sequester 250 tons of carbon over their lifetime. A total of 30 volunteers dedicated 75 hours to planting native conifer trees in the forest of Denny Creek Memorial Preserve. Volunteers also helped remove several hundred square feet of invasive ivy in order to give newly planted trees space to thrive.

The site was donated to Forterra in memory of Susan MacDonald in 1998, and as you walk along the valley trail you can’t help but feel like you’ve stepped back in time as you gaze up at the steep hillsides.  The forested property sits between Big Finn Hill Park, owned by King County, and O.O. Denny Park, owned by the City of Seattle Parks Department.  The mature second-growth forest at Denny Creek creates a healthy canopy, but due to the presence of invasive vegetation in the understory, tree regeneration had been lacking, making this a priority site for tree plantings. Just outside the west boundary of DCMMP you’ll find Denny Creek flowing into Lake Washington.  DCMMP is a great place to walk, enjoy wildlife, and plant trees!


Duwamish Shoreline, Tukwila – Forterra is planting trees along the Duwamish River to restore 1.5 miles of degraded shoreline for improved habitat for native Chinook salmon and other fish and wildlife. In 2018, 31 volunteers came out with their friends and families to plant 50 trees along the Duwamish Shoreline, which will work to sequester 250 tons of carbon from the atmosphere over their lifetimes. Many of these volunteers were employees of Seattle Children’s Hospital, and they spent a total of 62 hours planting at the site. Volunteers also helped remove invasive blackberry from the site to keep this invasive plant from competing with the newly planted trees.  

The project focuses on commercial and light industrial areas located along the Green River Trail on the Duwamish River and targets the “transition zone” where salmon adapt from fresh to salt water. In addition, this effort will restore this culturally, economically and historically significant waterway as a place for community gathering, recreation and enjoyment.

The Duwamish Shoreline site is part of the Green Tukwila Partnership, a new partnership between the City of Tukwila and nonprofits including Forterra, EarthCorps, and the Student Conservation Association, as well as the Tukwila community, to care for public parks and natural open space across the city. Together we will restore and maintain 138 acres of Tukwila’s parks and natural areas over the next 20 years, including the Duwamish Shoreline site.


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